Home Insurance

Home Insurance in Edina, MNHomeowners insurance protects not only your property, but your family. We compare home insurance quotes from up to 20 top insurance companies automatically. Simply contact us or request insurance quotes to get started.

Home Insurance Coverage

Personal Liability Coverage – Covers you and your family from lawsuits
Damage to Home and Other Structures – Covers your home from damage from weather, vandalism, and much more.
Personal Property Coverage – Covers your property like clothes, furniture, electronics, and more.
Valuable Property Coverage (Jewelry, Guns, etc.) – Covers special classes or property that have lower limits by default.
Medical Payments Coverage – Covers minor medical bills for guests on your property that are injured.
In-home Business Coverage – Covers business activities from within your home.
And More

Properties Covered

Single Family Homes
Multi-Unit Housing
Rental Properties
New Construction
Seasonal Homes
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Companies Compared

West Bend
The Hartford
And More

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